21 Sextury- A Nasty Gal’s Dream

A Nasty Gal’s Dream

A Nasty Gal’s Dream Si pudiéramos vista en sueños incluso indecentes de una niña traviesa qué veríamos? Echemos Shrima … ¿qué piensa ella acerca? ¿Qué sueña? ¿Qué hace su mojado? No sabemos, pero no vamos a dejar de nosotros imaginar todas las cosas emocionantes que van allí. This cute, bubbly blonde sauntered into the office and into my arms. She had a beautiful face with a great smile and her figure looked so delicious, naughty thoughts ran through my head almost immediately. She had been here before but had not had many jobs from her previous casting and wanted to know if we could find any more work for her. She was every eager stating she could do absolutely anything with men or women. I told her I wanted to see her body and she eagerly stripped off revealing a nice curvy body with great breasts and a sexy ass. She sat back down and I learned more about her including the fact that she had no boyfriend and rarely got to have sex, so the job would be fun for her as well as a way to earn money. I saw my opening, this was one horny woman who was practically begging for me to do a casting with her. I said I’d like to see how she kissed and she instantly agreed. I led her over to the couch and we began to kiss passionately as I fondled her breasts. We were both getting turned on now and I stripped off my own clothes and she stuffed my big breasts into her mouth, sucking on my nipples and raking her teeth over my skin. I couldn’t wait any longer and I lay on my back and got her to lick my pussy. She had a good technique and her tongue felt amazing, but I wanted to cum on all fours. I got onto my knees and as I rubbed my clit she licked my asshole and pussy, alternating between the two until my orgasm hit me like a sexual solar flare. I was still trembling as I got her on her back and tasted her own sweet juices. I really wanted to pleasure her properly so I got my big inflatable dildo and slid it into her warm depths. I pumped it up to its maximum size and fucked her with it. I got some great POV footage and she was soon screaming the office down as her long awaited orgasm hit her and shook her whole body. I wish every casting with such a beautiful woman was as easy as this.

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A Nasty Gal's Dream
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Date: July 8, 2015