Culioneros – In the pool

In the pool

In the pool Estoy tranquilo y social, pero cuando vi Mimi Miyaqui, mi tranquilidad salí por la ventana y yo sólo quería follar esta maravilla! Es sólo que esta mujer es más travieso que la mayoría! Ella es tan caliente, me la llevé a un firestation pero ella prendió fuego al resto del mundo! Tengo la piel de gallina cuando ella bajó las bragas y liberado ese enorme culo de ella! Rica seguro! I was very excited to do my first casting as a female agent, I love fucking on camera in my personal life and the chance to do it for a living was too good an opportunity to pass up. I was sitting patiently waiting when my first casting walked in and I could not have wished for a better first interview. This guy was a mature, ripped stud who was making my panties moisten just by watching him. He sat down and we began the interview, he was quite a serious guy who wanted to try modelling for a change in life. He was very athletic and his body was ripped, his only stumbling block was he suffered from shyness, yet he had thought about doing nude photo modelling in the past. I soon convinced him to strip down to his birthday suit, telling him how nude photos brought more money, yet he still covered his dick with his hands. It was time to put some confidence into this stud and I walked over to him, bending over to caress his muscular body. I could see his cock start to lengthen and thicken and I knew he was mine. I bent down my head and drew him into my mouth, kissing the tip and engorging the shaft down my throat. This once shy stud turned into a sexual animal after I had sucked his cock, he fucked me hard and he fucked me fast in quite a few positions and my orgasms piled up on top of each other, jostling for position as he continued to pound me with his beautiful cock. I was exhausted after this stud continued to fuck me so well and I wanted to see his cumshot. He fucked me with some sharp short thrusts and then pulled out and emptied his balls all over my stomach. I sent him off to the shower and laying on the couch with a sticky stomach I couldn’t help but feel pleased with how well my first casting session had gone. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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In the pool
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