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Something new

Something new Algunas personas dirían que no se puede encontrar el coño en el centro comercial de esta hermosa mañana, pero nos dimos cuenta de que esto es falso. Nos encontramos de nuevo y venía con nosotros para el apartamento. Esta chica era delicioso y preparado para todo lo que queríamos hacer con él. Bueno … lo que queríamos hacer era Bang bang bang! Eso es exactamente lo que pasó! La chica quería y le gustó tanto que con el tiempo nos dio su número de teléfono. Si usted desea saber si vamos a llamar a lo que tiene que ver el video para saber. The last thing I had been expecting this morning was the doctor from the hospital next door to come bursting into my office. It seems he got lost and was looking for the smoking room and ended up in my office instead. I invited him in, I had always fancied the doctor next door whenever I saw him around and I thought this was a good opportunity to get to know him. He asked what our agency did and when I told him I could see I had piqued his interest. He painted a fine picture of himself as a family man but when I asked him about the strange, sexual noises I heard coming from his office he became bashful and admitted to infidelity with his patients. Just hearing him talk was turning me on and I approached him and sat on his lap. I could feel his cock stiffen beneath me and I was wet and excited about doing a casting video with a doctor. He didn’t need much persuading after my nipples were practically poking him in the eye and as a special treat I gave him control of the camera so you have some amazing POV footage of me sucking the tasty doctors cock. We fucked hard and fast, this doctor knew his way around the human body and his stamina was incredible. After a mind blowing orgasm in the cowgirl position this dirty doctor needed to return to his patients so I got on my knees and wanked him until he shot his sticky mess all over my tits and stomach. What a brilliant start to the day, I may have to sign up to see the doctor on a more regular basis.

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